Implant Retained Dentures

Unlike standard dentures, the benefits of implant-retained dentures involve much more stability. This means that patients who choose to receive implant-retained dentures have less fear about their dentures becoming loose or falling out, and they can also enjoy a larger variety of foods because of this stability. So what’s the difference between normal dentures and implant-retained dentures?

As the name implies, implant-retained dentures are dentures that are attached to the jaw using dental implants. These implants have been surgically placed inside the jawbone. There are two types of implant-retained dentures:

Bar-Retained Dentures – Using up to five implants that have been installed in the jawbone, a bar-retained denture is made of a small metal bar that matches the natural curve of the patient’s jaw. The denture is fitted over the bar and clipped into place.

Ball-Retained Dentures – Also known as stud-attachment dentures, ball-retained dentures utilize ball joints at the end of each implant. These ball joints then fit into sockets that are created along the actual dentures.


Missing a significant amount of teeth can really impact your health and confidence. Across America, there are close to 36 million adults who do not have all of their upper and/or lower teeth.

There are many replacement options to go with, such as dentures. There is also an option that is cost-efficient and gives quick, permanent results. With All-on-4, Dr. Lanie and his team can restore a patient’s smile in one visit!

What is All-on-4?

With All-on-4, only four dental implants need to be placed in the upper or lower jaw in order to secure all of the teeth being replaced. The uniqueness of All-on-4 is that no additional procedures, such as bone grafting, are required. 

What makes All-on-4 a good option?

Unlike other restorative dental procedures, All-on-4 has a shorter recovery time which enables patients to enjoy their smiles just one day after their procedure! The reason for this is that the procedure permanently replaces a full arch using only four implants, all done in one appointment.

There are many other advantages to this procedure, listed below:

  • There isn’t a need for messy adhesives and temporary dentures
  • It doesn’t require bone grafting since it uses the existing bone structure for support 
  • The implants help prevent further bone loss
  • With regular care, All-on-4 treatment can last a lifetime

If you are interested in this procedure and would like to know if it is right for you, contact Lanie Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment today!