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Dental Anxiety & Fear

Dental Anxiety

Visiting the dentist is a crucial part of your overall wellbeing, as your oral health has many significant ties to the health of your whole body. It’s a shame, then, that so many people avoid visits to the dentist due to anxiety or dental phobia. WebMD suggests that between 9%–15% of Americans don’t receive dental care because of their fear of the dentist.

At Lanie Family Dentistry, we want to do everything we can to alleviate this anxiety and make visits to our office as comfortable as possible. To help those who are struggling with dental anxiety, below are a few tips that can help.

How to ease dental anxiety

Talk to us

If we don’t know about your concerns, it makes it harder for us to help you. Let us know about your anxiety and we can work with you to make things more comfortable. Modern dentistry is making treatments easier than ever for patients, and sedation can be an option for those who have a hard time making it through an appointment, otherwise. Speak to us to find out what options are available.

Establish a signal

If you’re worried that we’ll be unable to tell if you’re particularly stressed or are experiencing pain during a procedure, work with us in advance to establish a signal to let us know when to stop.

Listen to music

Bring some headphones and listen to your music during the visit. This will help distract you from any noises that may be going on while your teeth are being worked on.

Use a throat spray

For those who are concerned about their gag reflex, a numbing spray such as Vics Chlorasepctic can help suppress the reflex for about one hour. Consider using one before your visit with us.

Adjust your diet

For those who feel nervous before an appointment, things can be made worse by eating or drinking anything high in caffeine or sugar. Alternatively, foods high in protein can have a calming effect. Consider paying attention to the foods you eat prior to your visit with us.

Use relaxation techniques

There are many options available for helping yourself relax, including breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation. Try finding what works best for you and use it to calm your anxiety prior to your appointment.

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